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Aviation Related Services

Access Control

Whether it is buildings, sections of a building, concourse or ramp access, Huntleigh USA Corporation has the expertise to provide personnel for controlling access to areas of your choosing. This service can also be provided in over twenty cities with minimum notice from those requesting it. We have on-site trainers that are able to train on the spot in places where we do not currently perform these duties. This training can be completed on short notice for those clients that need it now.

Aircraft Guarding

Huntleigh USA Corporation provides aircraft guard services both on an as needed basis and on a contracted basis. This professional service comes complete with all of the logs and documents needed for entering access control information and hourly observances required by airlines and TSA alike. The service is immediately available in over a dozen cities and can be made available on short notice in more the a dozen other cities where we have an operation.

Aircraft Cleaning

Huntleigh USA Corporation is proud to introduce to the aviation industry, our industry leading technological solution for aircraft cabin cleaning. Our new Intel-E-Clean technology allows us to optimize staffing levels, track performance of individual employees and our cabin cleaning teams. It provides immediate information on landing times for aircraft needing service to our team leads, so our cleaning teams are always on site and ready to start the cleaning process. It also allows our clients real time web access to generate reports which show our cleaning times, the overall quality of the work performed, and to document any areas where they would like to see improvement. Additionally, our Intel-E-Clean technology allows you, the client, to receive instant messaging on any items you feel are important to your operation. Ask us why our Huntleigh Intel-E-Clean product gives us the edge over our competitors!

Aircraft Search

According to TSA regulations - Huntleigh USA Corporation provides this service to multiple airlines in multiple cities. Huntleigh USA Corporation has an excellent training program that is up to date with all TSA regulations and that can stand alone to certify aircraft search personnel, or that can compliment any airline's current training program. In cities near BOS, IAH, PDX, and SEA, it would take less than two weeks of classroom and on-the-job training to be able to start an operation for any airline needing this service.

Airline Crew Transportation

As with all services Huntleigh USA Corporation provides timely and efficient crew transportation to and from airports. Though the service is provided in limited areas we are always willing to expand this service where needed.

Baggage Security

With experience in baggage security Huntleigh USA Corporation can provide its clients with expert and professional service. We provide detailed reports as requested, or on a regular basis so that baggage information is at your finger tips. Our training, combined with the airline's specific training for bag tracking, ensures that you are receiving the best possible security and tracking of baggage.

Charter Flight Security

Our charter screening services have been recommended to potential clients on more than one occasion by our competitors. This is a testament to our outstanding service, our dedication to security, and the professionalism instilled in each of our screeners. We have screening teams strategically located throughout the nation in 20 cities that have conducted charter screening operations where needed across the US. Huntleigh USA Corporation has provided security screening for numerous professional sport teams, Millionaire Clubs, presidential candidates, and more. Huntleigh USA Corporation is ready to screen when you need it.

Janitorial Services

We provide janitorial services to an array of industries including airport terminals, medical facilities, universities, schools office buildings, retail stores, banks, churches, mid-rise to high-rise buildings, and industrial plants. No matter how big or how small, our customized building maintenance plans are designed specifically to fit your needs. Office Cleaning Day Porter Services Restroom Sanitation Window and Blind Cleaning Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Green Certified Techniques and Products Floor Maintenance Customized Janitorial Program Emergency Clean-Ups janitorial Aircraft Fleet Appearance Services Interior Aircraft Cleaning Detail Services Carpet Cleaning Services Seat Cover Upholstery Replacement Services Aircraft Security

Passenger Screening

Huntleigh USA Corporation provides trained charter screening operators and supervisors to many of its airline and airport clients. We train our staff to efficiently screen passengers at checkpoints, in full compliance with: TSA regulatory requirements, and Airline customer service requirements Huntleigh USA Corporation security agents are trained to perform thorough body and hand baggage searches while keeping passenger interference to a minimum with the aim of continuously enhancing efficiency and security.

Pre-Board Check-in Screening

ICTS', unique Advance Passenger Screening method was developed in the 1980s and has since been upgraded and adapted several times to comply with amendments in regulatory requirements, address changes in the threat environment and meet developing needs. Passenger privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained at all times and are in accordance with all relevant regulations issued by both US and EU regulators. Security profiling may be carried out manually by specially trained security agents, or with the assistance of advanced computerized tools like the I-Box and APS specially developed by ICTS.

Skycap Services

This is a service that Huntleigh USA Corporation has provided for more than twenty-years and has served more than a dozen airlines in more than thirty cities across the US. We have among the most experienced skycaps in the nation who are willing and able to do what is needed to assist passengers. Our skycaps have the best customer service skills in the business and our recurrent training system ensures that they stay up-to-date with all TSA and airlines rules and regulations.

Wheelchair Assistance

Huntleigh USA Corporation's wheelchair and electric cart services started with the skycap service more than twenty-years ago and remains among the best in the industry. Training and customer service are our emphasis and are the primary reasons for innumerable accolades received from airlines and passengers alike. Our training remains current and we are up-to-date with 14 FAR Part 382.

Other ways we can help...

Huntleigh USA Corporation’s innovative solutions are the result of the expert know-how and international operational experience that has been accumulated by our experts for over 20 years.

The company's broad development capabilities and advanced technologies offer a complete array of services ranging from profiling, consulting services, professional security officers to training programs and seminars. Huntleigh USA Corporation's services promote streamlined security processing, enhanced customer service and reduced operational costs.