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Aviation and Related Services

Our Aviation and Related Services consists of Access Control; Aircraft Cleaning, Guarding, and Search; Airline Crew Transportation; Baggage Security; Charter Flight Security; Janitorial Services; Passenger and Pre-Board Check-in Screening; Skycap Services; and Wheelchair Assistance.

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Advanced Technology Solutions

Our Advanced Technology Solutions consist of I-CHECK; I-BOX; Advanced Passenger Screening; Automated TravelDoc; In-Sight; and e-nspection.

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Video Surveillance-as-a-Service

The Huntleigh V-SaaS solution intelligently stores and manages video content from IP and analog cameras and efficiently delivers content to multiple user platforms such as web browsers and mobile devices.

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Professional Security Solutions

Our Professional Security Solutions consist of Background Checks; Event Security Planning; Retail Loss Prevention; Risk Analysis; Executive Protection Detail; Security Guards / Officer Services; Security Surveys and Audits; Security & Concept Development; and Security System Design.

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Active Site Monitoring

At Huntleigh USA Corporation, we have a world-class, proven solution that will provide you with site monitoring services, at a cost less than hiring your own security and gate management personnel.

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Other ways we can help...

Huntleigh USA Corporation’s innovative solutions are the result of the expert know-how and international operational experience that has been accumulated by our experts for over 20 years.

The company's broad development capabilities and advanced technologies offer a complete array of services ranging from profiling, consulting services, professional security officers to training programs and seminars. Huntleigh USA Corporation's services promote streamlined security processing, enhanced customer service and reduced operational costs.